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Total Backyard Mosquito Control in Statesboro, GA

At Mosquito Authority Savannah, we’re serving Statesboro and the surrounding Georgia region with full-service backyard mosquito control. Our outdoor mosquito lawn treatment is fully customizable, so you can protect your home, business, or special event! We’re committed to total enjoyment of your property’s outdoor areas any time, and in any season. Plus, we’re so confident in our process, we offer mosquito service without contracts or commitments. Learn more about our products and processes, then call or email Mosquito Authority in Arlington to get started today!

Proven Process, Real Results

  • No mosquitoes! Guaranteed!
  • No contracts or commitments, and you can cancel anytime.

The Mosquito Authority Difference

Mosquito Authority Savannah is dedicating to improving Statesboro area homes. That’s why our superior mosquito lawn treatment also comes with no contracts or commitments. 

Get started with an initial phone call to determine your needs, and our expert mosquito specialists will take it from there for a comprehensive, hassle-free experience for you and your family. Plus, only Mosquito Authority can guarantee you won’t be bothered by mosquitoes on your property. 

If you’re still seeing mosquitoes between treatments, we’ll be back too!

Our Process

We serve Statesboro area homes with total outdoor mosquito treatment and customer care at every step. Our process eliminates mosquitoes in your area with lasting, customized solutions for every kind of outdoor area.

Learn more about our products and process:

Step 1 Consultation.

Get started with a single phone call to help us assess the situation. Our tick and mosquito experts are trained to identify issues with simple questions to create the right plan for you.

Step 2 Inspection.

From there, a certified mosquito control specialist performs a comprehensive inspection of the area. They’ll customize treatment for your property designed to keep pests away for good.

Step 3 Treatment.

Our mosquito control treatments are multi-step and comprehensive—and performed with safe, effective materials. Plus, we identify and treat mosquito habitats first, so you can experience a mosquito-free yard almost immediately.

Step 4 Follow-Up.

The Mosquito Authority mosquito-free guarantee is exactly what it sounds like, meaning we’ll be back if you require additional treatment.

Our Special Event and Commercial Services

Special Event Treatment

You don’t have to let mosquitoes crash your party! If you’re planning a special outdoor event, call Mosquito Authority to find out how you can ensure all-day protection for your guests. Whether it’s a wedding, cookout, children’s birthday party, or any other important outdoor event, we’ve got you covered in Statesboro, GA!

Commercial Services

We also provide full-service mosquito prevention for indoor and outdoor areas within wedding and event venues, restaurants, hotels, breweries and wineries, playgrounds—or any place mosquitoes aren’t welcome. That way, you can focus on service while your patrons focus on fun! Plus, mosquito control for your business is still backed by our no-commitment guarantee.

Mosquito Prevention

For optimal mosquito and tick control, be sure to practice prevention as well as treatment:

Frequent mowing plus brush, weeds, and tree line control.
Keeping your yard neat and trimmed helps eliminate easy places for mosquitoes to breed outside your home.

Regular fence maintenance and wood collection.
Barriers prevent unwelcome deer, raccoons, and other larger animals that may attract mosquitoes from entering your property, while a neat wood stack discourages rodent nests.

Strategic deck, patio, and playground planning around waste areas. Placing trash and recycling away from the fence line or tree line helps ward off critters. Patios and playgrounds should also be kept away from trees to avoid becoming shady breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Proudly Serving Savannah and the Surrounding Area

Mosquito Authority serves Savannah and the greater region with full-service mosquito removal and prevention. We’re committed to getting results with a proven process, superior materials, and customer care every step of the way. Get started with a consultation today and let our mosquito exterminators take it from there!

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