No Contracts.
No Commitments.
No Mosquitoes. GUARANTEED.

Your Mosquito Authority team is dedicated to full-service mosquito control solutions--all without a contract or commitments! We proudly serve Richardson, TX area homes, businesses, and events with our no-mosquito guarantee. 

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Backyard Mosquito Control in Richardson, TX

Mosquito Authority serves Plano, Richardson, Murphy, Wylie, and the surrounding Texas region with our signature no-mosquito guarantee. Get started today without contracts or commitments!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Only Mosquito Authority can promise effective, ongoing outdoor mosquito control. While no product or service can eliminate all mosquitoes from your day-to-day life, we can guarantee you won’t be swatting them away on your property in-between our mosquito lawn treatments. 

Our flexible mosquito service also extends to scheduling and payment, so all treatment is performed on your terms. Experience outdoor adventures again with our no-mosquito guarantee!

No Contracts. No Commitments.
No Mosquitoes. GUARANTEED.

Mosquito Authority mosquito lawn treatment is designed to help you get started quickly to enjoy lasting mosquito removal. 

With most companies, backyard mosquito control comes with restrictive contracts or agreements--so you can’t cancel even if their product isn’t effective! Mosquito Authority is different. Our mosquito service ensures that you can change or cancel service any time, and on your own terms. 

Learn more about our backyard mosquito control policies and practices below.


Receive One Free Mosquito Control Treatment with the purchase of 2 Mosquito Control Treatments at the regular price.

Not valid with any other offers, discounts or on prior jobs.

Expires 9/30/2020

Mosquito Yard Treatment for your Richardson Area Home

Only Mosquito Authority specialists exclusively offer total mosquito prevention for your home without contracts or commitments. Regardless of when and where you need it most, Mosquito Authority is experienced in every kind of property type. 

Start with a consultation to learn how we can serve your home with customized backyard mosquito control today. 

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Our 4-step Process

Our specialists are committed to helping you and your family enjoy unlimited outdoor time on your property. That’s the Mosquito Authority difference--and it’s all backed by our signature no-mosquito guarantee. 

Learn more about our products and processes:

Step 1 Consultation.

Get started with a brief phone call to help our specialists learn more about your mosquito problem as well as your property.

Step 2 Inspection.

From there, we’ll schedule an at-home consultation for a mosquito exterminator to fully inspect the area.

Step 3 Treatment.

Our mosquito experts know to identify problem areas first-like areas near dense woods and water-then work from the inside out for full property protection.

Step 4 Follow-Up.

The Mosquito Authority no-mosquito guarantee is exactly what it sounds like, so call us back if you’re not completely satisfied!

Our Commercial & Event Mosquito Treatments

Commercial Mosquito Control

We’ll protect your business from mosquitoes, too! Mosquito Authority treats Richardson, TX area concert venues, breweries, festivals, wedding and event venues, cafes or restaurants—and almost any outdoor area mosquitoes aren’t welcome. Plus, commercial and event mosquito lawn treatment is also backed with no contracts or commitments, so you can schedule for whenever you need it most.

Special Event Mosquito Control

Mosquito Authority doesn’t let mosquitoes crash your party! Contact our mosquito specialists if you’re planning an important outdoor event, and we’ll ensure your guests are protected. Our mosquito control treatment is ideal for weddings, birthday parties, family reunions, cookouts, festivals, and more! Contact us to get started today, and experience a mosquito-free good time all day long.

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We Also Provide Tick Control for your Home and Lawn!

Mosquito Authority provides full-service home tick control, too! Our specialists understand how to prevent and eliminate ticks from any kind of property--and will help you and your whole family experience worry-free outdoor time whenever you need it most. 

Like our mosquito yard treatment, our tick yard treatment is available without contracts or commitments, and can be used alongside mosquito treatment at the same time. 

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Mosquitoes Don't Just Make You Itch.

Mosquitoes can transmit up to 28 diseases--and that’s in addition to standard itching and irritation that can lead to infection. 

Texans face mosquitoes year-round and in most regions. That’s why our mosquito specialists commit to removing them from your home, businesses, and outdoor events. 

We’ll help you breathe easy outside again. Just contact Mosquito Authority Richardson to get started.

There are 3000

species of mosquitoes.

176 of those are present in the United States

Mosquitoes transmit

28 diseases

including West Nile, encephalitis, dengue, & malaria.

Mosquito-borne diseases

kill more people each year

worldwide than any other single factor


"Superior customer service and love our mosquito-free yard. It makes life with 3 kids so much easier and every little bit helps!"

Rochelle R.

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Proudly Serving Richardson and its Surrounding Region

Mosquito Authority serves the greater Richardson, TX area with comprehensive mosquito and tick control. We’re committed to getting results with a proven process, superior materials, and customer care every step of the way. Get started with a consultation today and let our pest specialists take it from there! We proudly serve the following area including the cities listed.

  • Murphy
  • Plano
  • Richardson
  • Wylie


We're also serving Rockwall and Dallas, TX with outdoor mosquito control!

Mosquito Authority Rockwall

Mosquito Authority Dallas