Serving Nags Head, North Carolina

Nags Head, NC Mosquito Control Service

Mosquito Authority Windsor also serves Nags Head and the surrounding area with total outdoor mosquito control. Our mosquito yard treatment is full-service and perfect for area homes, businesses, and special events! We’re committed to total enjoyment of your property’s outdoor areas any time, and in any season--and all without contracts or commitments. Learn more about our products and processes, then call or email Mosquito Authority in Nags Head to get started today!

Proven Process, Real Results

  • No mosquitoes! Guaranteed!
  • No contracts or commitments, and you can cancel anytime.

Our Process

Our process is built around your unique needs with customer care at every step. Mosquito Authority’s #1 priority is your mosquito-free property, so we’re dedicated to total backyard mosquito control solutions for every home, special event, or business. Discover the Mosquito Authority difference.

Learn more about our products and process:

Step 1 Consultation.

Start with a phone call with one of our experienced specialists to assess the situation. Our tick and mosquito experts are trained to identify issues with simple questions to create the right plan for you.

Step 2 Inspection.

From there, a certified mosquito control specialist performs a comprehensive inspection of the area. They’ll customize treatment for your property designed to keep pests away for good.

Step 3 Treatment.

Our mosquito control treatments are multi-step and comprehensive—and performed with safe, effective materials. Plus, we identify and treat mosquito habitats first, so you can experience our no-mosquito guarantee almost immediately.

Step 4 Follow-Up.

Need to change or reschedule treatment? Call us anytime and we’ll be back to find the ideal outdoor mosquito control solution for you.

The Mosquito Authority Difference

We’re committed to full-service mosquito removal for Nags Head area homes. Our mosquito lawn treatment is so effective, that we offer it without contracts or commitments--and you can cancel anytime! 

Get started with an initial phone call to determine your needs, and our expert mosquito specialists will take it from there for a comprehensive, hassle-free experience for you and your family. Plus, only Mosquito Authority can guarantee you won’t be bothered by mosquitoes on your property. 

If you’re still seeing mosquitoes between treatments, we’ll be back too!

Our Special Event and Commercial Services

Special Event Mosquito Services

We won’t let pests crash your party! If you’re planning a special outdoor event, call Mosquito Authority and learn how you can ensure all-day protection for you and your guests. Whether it’s a wedding, cookout, children’s birthday party, or nearly any other gathering, we’ve got your Nags Head event covered from start to finish!

Commercial Mosquito Services

We also provide full-service mosquito prevention for indoor and outdoor areas within wedding and event venues, restaurants, hotels, breweries and wineries, playgrounds—or any place mosquitoes aren’t welcome. That way, you can focus on service while your patrons focus on fun! Plus, mosquito control for your business is still backed by our no-commitment guarantee.

Tick Lawn Treatment for Your Windsor Home

Yes, we provide Nags Head homes with tick lawn treatment, too! Just like our mosquito control, our 4-step process identifies, treats, and maintains your property—and it’s all backed by our tick-free guarantee! Mosquito Authority tick control treatments are also available with no contracts or commitments, and can be performed alongside existing mosquito treatment.

Get started today when you contact us to schedule your comprehensive at-home consultation, and let our team take it from there. You’ll be enjoying your new mosquito-free yard sooner than you think with our proven process.

How to Prevent Future Tick Infestation

Tick and Mosquito Prevention

Want to maintain your new, worry-free outdoor space? Just remember to practice everyday mosquito prevention methods in addition to professional mosquito control with the Drain, Dress, Defend method.

Drain - Remove standing water from around your home. It only takes a bottle cap’s worth of standing water to cause a mosquito problem. Common culprits should be monitored regularly for standing water:

  • clogged rain gutters
  • corrugated drain pipes
  • bird baths
  • pet bowls
  • trash & recycling bins
  • plant pots
  • children’s toys

Dress - When practical, wear long pants and long sleeves. Loose-fitting, light-colored clothing is best. Studies have shown that some mosquitoes are more attracted to dark clothing and can most readily bite through tight-fitting, loose-weave clothing.

Defend - Use repellent! The EPA has registered repellents that have been reviewed and approved to pose minimal risk when used properly:

  • DEET (N, N-diethyl-m- toluadmide)
  • Picaridin (KBR 3023)
  • Oil of lemon eucalyptus (p-methan 3.8-diol, or PMD)

Professional Mosquito Control - While nothing can eliminate the threat entirely, when performed properly by trained professionals, backyard mosquito treatments can help to reduce the danger and risk posed by disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Proudly Serving Windsor and the Surrounding Area

Mosquito Authority serves Windsor and the greater region with full-service mosquito removal and prevention. We’re committed to getting results with a proven process, superior materials, and customer care every step of the way. Get started with a consultation today and let our pest specialists take it from there!

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